Michael Wagner Computer Resume


I've been involved with computers in one way or another since high school.

I've worked on mainframes, mini-computers, microcomputers and home computers.

I've done mostly software work, but in some positions, there was hardware involvement as well.


worked extensively with IBM 360s, 370s, 390s and the WIntel architecture. Some work with early Apple, Atari and Amiga computers.

Operating systems

in the PC world, Windows XP, 2000, 98, 95, 3.1, 3.0, MS/DOS, PC/DOS. In the mainframe world, IBM MFT, MVT, MVS, VM (their machine virtualization system), Unix (system 6, system 7, Amdahl system 7 for IBM hardware).


Foxpro, Visual Foxpro, DBXL, C, C++, SAS, SPSS, REXX, Visual Basic, HTML, ASP, PHP, Java & Javascript, Perl, PL/I, AP/L, Algol, Cobol, Fortran, LISP, AutoLISP, Snobol, IBM JCL, REXX, TSO Clist language, about a half-dozen assembler languages.


very familiar with all the major MS office products - Excel, Word, Access. Have customized style sheets for Word, written entire costing applications in Excel, small databases in Access. Fairly familiar with Project. Less so with Powerpoint. Have written code using ActiveX to integrate Excel spreadsheets with Word documents, with ACT databases, with AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop drawings


Very familiar with and active in networking since the early days. Worked on university networking systems (Usenet/BITNET/NetNorth) in the 1980s, before the internet. Worked for 2 years in Germany doing email back-end systems (X.400 to RFC822 (internet-style) email).

Spent several years doing computer performance analysis.

Good with working with vendors. Spent 5 years as a member rep to SHARE, an IBM/customer joint conference. (http://www.share.org/) Initiated work and gave lectures that resulted in a white paper on performance monitoring points and algorithms that were needed for VM. Most of the white paper recommendations were implemented over the next few business cycles. Was part of the University of Toronto team, installation code TY.