Michael Wagner Computer Resume

Employment History

2007-2009 Bohne Spring Industries Ltd

I sold the family business in late 2007 and worked for the purchasing company for a year and a half on transition issues. Completed the data collection and submission for an SR&ED credit, transitioning all existing customers and suppliers, customer drawings and other related specification data to the new management systems, staff training in the quality system.

1992-2007 Hamond Industries Ltd

A small, specialized, metal stamping company. Hamond had it's own toolroom and design team. I worked in most parts of the business, operating machines, shipping, receiving, purchasing, sales, estimating, project management, designing and building tooling. I started as an employee, became a partner, finally owner/CEO. When the manufacturing climate turned ugly, sold the company to a similar but larger company. At it's peak, there were 12 employees plus the directors.

1990-1991 Michael's Micro Consulting

A small micro-computer consulting company, doing mostly engineering and scientific programming, some hardware maintainance and assembly, some systems specification. During that time, I a variety of things. The most interesting were:

1988-1989 - GMD

Gesellschaft für Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung mbH (approximately: Mathematics and Data Processing Research Institute). Working for a part of the German civil service roughly equivalent to the Canadia Research Council (Deutsche Forschungsnetz), worked on a project with an internal team and a team from Softlab Munich to implement an email "bridge" (X.400 to RFC822 according to RFC987). Worked in C, C++, IBM Assembler. Learned German at the same time. GMD no longer exists but has been folded into Fraunhofer (the people who designed the MP3 format).

1975-1987 University Computer Center

Working at the Univerity of Toronto computer center, which I had done summers and part time during the year, became a full time job in 1975. I was first a programmer, then programmer analyst, then performance analyst, then supervisor of programmer/analysts. Worked on large IBM mainframes running MFT, MVT, MVS, VM, and Amdahl's version of Unix System 7 running under VM. Head of the Share VM Performance Project from 1984-1987.

During University

Worked one summer for the Faculty of Arts and Science registrars office as computer support programmer.

Worked next 2 summers as an "advisor" for the University of Toronto Computing Services, helping students who were new to computers to understand the error messages they'd gotten and how to correct their programs.

Before University

Between grades 12&13, awarded a "studentship" to york university helping an astronomy grad student with little computer knowledge to do Doppler colour shift analysis.

After grade 13, I worked for Bell Canada as a computer operator for 6 months.

Then I wrote a cost accounting program for Web Offset, a Toronto offset printing company, in PL/I.